O' Dory

August 7, 2018

O' Dory



Nor really a dory but O' Punk does not have the same ring to it. A dory usually has a flat bottom and bow like shape front and back. A Punt has a rounded bottom with a keel and a squared off stern. The Newfoundland punt was the workhorse of the northern fisheries in Newfoundland such as Twillingate. This has quickly become one of my favorite photos and I think it is because of  the pure simplicity of the composition. I looked over this boat from every angle and decided on this view point due to the light and I wanted to capture the small island (rock) in the background that I felt mimicked the shape of my subject. I also followed all the classic rules of composition using the rule of thirds, foreground and background to show depth and filling the frame to avoid negative space. I really like this photo and it was the first one I framed and printed when we returned home.

  Photo taken in the Back Bay area of Twillingate Newfoundland on July 4th 2018.


Exposure 1/60 sec at f/16   Focal Length 60mm  ISO 100


a few seconds ago

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