Two Henrys

August 10, 2018

If you mention the Two Henry's here in Florida most would assume you mean Henry Plant and Henry Flagler. Henry Plant built a railroad down the west coast of Florida eventually connecting Tampa and points south to the nations emerging network of railroads. Henry Plant also established regular steamship service between Tampa, Key West and Cuba which turned out to be an economic boom for the Tampa area.


Henry Flagler built a railroad on Florida's east coast eventually extending all the way to Key West. The bridges and causeways that were put in place laid the groundwork for what would eventually become the overseas highway which connected the Florida mainland to Key West on US1.


That brings me to the other famous two Henry's which spent a great deal of time in Florida as friends and neighbors. Henry Ford and Henry Firestone both wintered in Fort Myers Florida and along with another famous neighbor, Thomas Edison. I originally took this photos because I really liked the contrast between the white and black of the tire and the bright lemon yellow wheel. It was during the processing of the photo that I decided the main focus should be the two names inscribed on the wheel and tire combination. Two lifelong friends and business partners who became a part of Florida's history.


Taken at the Plant City (named for Henry Plant) Planes, Trains and Automobiles festival.


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